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Won't Lose Your Glasses

When you have your glasses attached to our retractable eyeglass holders, your glasses stay attached and won't fall off.


Flip Your Hat Back

And Cool Off

Whether you are walking the beach, on a hike, working around the property, basically any activity where you might get hot and want to cool off.  When your hat is attached to your glasses, simply flip it back, let it hang and cool off. When you are ready, just put it back on


Great For Around The Property

How many times have you been working around the property and realized you don't have your safety glasses? Why not keep them attached to your hat or visor and always have them available when you need them.

Head Shot Cap Back.png

Won't Lose Your Hat

How many times has that unexpected gust or steady wind blown your Hat off? Sometimes lost for good, other times dirty, damaged or soaking wet. When you have your glasses attached to our universal eyeglass holders you no longer have to worry about that. Instead of flying away, your hat just flips back, no loss, no damage.

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Escape The Accidental Damage

The sun has gone away so you take your glasses off and put them on top of your cap. Because they are always attached to your Behind Headwear, no more damage when you forget and bend over, they won't fall off. Or how about after a long day and you get home, take your hat off and forget your glasses are on top. No longer will you need to worry. It's like an insurance policy for your expensive glasses.


Lose The Lanyards

 With our technology you don't need lanyards when wearing your hat so your glasses won't get caught or stuck on neck gaiters, collars, outerwear zippers or other types of neck lanyards.  Unlike when using lanyards, our technology won't get in the way when you lean over or bend down.


Hat And Glasses Float

If you are wearing a regular hat with your glasses on top and together they blow off into the water. When your hat hits the water the hat floats and unfortunately your glasses sink. If you are wearing our Headwear and your glasses are attached to your eyeglass holders and together they blow off. Both your hat and glasses  will "STAY ATTACHED" and float long enough for you to go get them. 


Easily Stow Away

When you aren't wearing your glasses but you still want to wear your new Behind™ Hat or Visor simply slide the eyeglass attachment into the pocket and stow them away. You won't see or feel them. When you are ready to attach your glasses again, just take them back out and you are ready to go.

Sunglasses, cap, hat, fishing,

Keep From Tangling with Other Glasses

Sometimes you need your readers and your sunglasses. We all know what a mess it can create to have two pair of glasses around your neck. If you do have to use two pair, our Headwear will keep them separate. Just place one pair on the bill of our cap while you put the other pair on your face. No longer will both lanyards be tangling up and making an eyeglass mess. You should be focused on the matter at hand, not untangling.

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