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"Life's too short to go back for your hat. With retractable headwear technology,

I no longer leave mine scattered around the globe."

Larry Dahlberg - Hunt For Big Fish

Captain Phil Howarth

Owner Goose Hummock Shops 

“ One of the best and most simple and useful innovations for fishermen i’ve seen in years; no more forgetting, losing, scratching your sunglasses”...

"I wanted to say thank you and let you know your hat just saved me $850.00. It saved my designer, prescription sunglasses from going over the rail of my boat to the bottom of the Atlantic."

Mark - Palm Beach, FL

"Forgot my glasses were on top of my hat and had they not been, they for sure would have been damaged during a little happy hour mishap. Thanks!

Rich - Boston, MA

Thank you for developing a hat perfect for outdoor photographers. When I see a shot I want to take I typically fumble to put my camera down, take my glasses off, and put them somewhere. As someone who doesn't like croakies, now I just easily use one hand to pull them off my face and retract them onto my hat. Definitely makes it easier.

Nick - Indianapolis, IN

"Very cool hat. When I work around the property I always seem to forget my safety glasses somewhere. Now they are always with me when I need them!"

Scott - Gorham, NH

"My new FAVORITE hat. I LOVE IT. They are sooo light, what a great idea, I am a fisherman and on  a hot and sweaty day when you lean over the side to lift in a fish, there go your Sunglasses into the water. I have lost so many

can't wait to lift a fish in the boat wearing a pair of my Sunglasses with my new hat. Not to worry anymore.

Bill - PA

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