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Our patented technology was developed because nearly everyone has an experience with a favorite pair of glasses they unexpectedly scratched, broke, or lost. Or how about your favorite hat that blew away.

All you have to do is look around and see how many people wear their hats and glasses together, it's everywhere.

Thanks to our thorough research, development, and product testing. We are able to provide the perfect solution while maintaining style, comfort and function. 

With our "Build a Better Mouse Trap" design we have solved Both of these issues by combining hidden retractable eyeglass holders with the best headwear designs and styles made in the industry today.



When you combine your glasses with our Behind™ Headwear you no longer have to worry about damaging or losing them.

Unlike other products that have your glasses hanging around your neck and getting in the way, when wearing our products you won't see or feel our patented technology as it easily glides in and out of sight. 

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