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Behind™ is a collaboration of two friends... Dean Ferrara and Ken Shwartz

Dean, the serial inventor and Ken, the headwear guru. Both with a love for wildlife and the outdoors.


So what happened? After Ken sold AHEAD (a headwear company he founded and ran for many years) he had time to pursue some avocations; One included fishing.


Ken always loved his favorite sunglasses while on the water, but didn’t love the clumsiness of keeping them on a lanyard. (He had lost some overboard and scratched a pair or two just trying to keep them on top of his cap)


In late 2019, Ken stumbled across a “Sunglass Cap” he had gotten from Dean years ago and the proverbial light bulb went off. The question he asked himself was; “If i use my experience in headwear to bring to market a killer collection of branded caps and visors using Dean’s patented technology, could we break into the market?" 



Ken Shwartz

Dean Ferrara

Years before, Dean had invented what he thought was a, "Better Mouse Trap." He had damaged or lost his own share of expensive sunglasses and not liking them on a lanyard hanging around his neck, he decided there had to be a better way. 


Knowing how many outdoor enthusiasts like himself wore both hats and glasses. Dean actually did build the "Better Mouse Trap." He designed, developed and patented what is now our exclusive retractable eyeglass technology that not only saves your glasses, but also saves your hat. A product perfect for all activities.


The question Ken asked was; could we break into a market with few contacts and little experience? Unsure, Ken contacted Dean and  they decided to give it a try. Ken then trademarked BEHIND™  and under the brand they made some killer caps to show friends, store owners, fishermen, etc. The reaction was overwhelming and Ken and Dean decided to move forward with what they hope will be a company whose products are loved and appreciated by their users. (Unless they work in the lanyard business.)




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