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If you wear a hat or visor, here are a few reasons you may want to consider replacing your lanyards with our headwear.

  • Your glasses aren't dangling and in your way when bending over
  • Won't tangle with your neck gaiter
  • You won't lose your hat when it's windy
  • Won't tangle with your jacket collar
  • Won't forget your favorite hat
  • If you wear a hat, you won't forget your sunglasses.
  • Less likely to scratch your sunglasses when sunglasses not on your person
  • No food or sweat to clean off
  • Won't tangle with your readers or regular glasses if you keep those on a lanyard
  • If running, biking, etc and sunglasses are off your face, wont bounce around on your chest or neck
  • Two products combined into one
  • Glasses won't get crushed if they are against your chest during unexpected contact
  • If you are wearing the rigid type (Cablz) you wont accidentally get snagged from behind
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