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  • What makes Behind™ headwear different from regular headwear?
    We took patented retractable eyewear technology and incorporated it into the best made headwear designs in the industry today. Even though our products look and feel like a typical cap or visor, through a sleek and innovative design we were able to incorporate our retractable eyewear holders. By doing this we are able to make Behind™ products a very valuable part of your outdoor gear.
  • Do you have an exclusive patent?
    Yes, our extensive patent means no one else can make or copy our designs.
  • Are Behind™ Headwear Products uncomfortable?
    No, not at all. We spent many hours designing and testing our products so that when you, the consumer wear our caps or visors you don't see or feel the technology. Actually, you don't even know it's there. Well, not until you realize it just saved you from losing or damaging your glasses or headwear.
  • Can I feel or see the retractors?
    No. During our design process we found the perfect position to place our retractors. Through test marketing we discovered that built into just the right position people couldn't feel the retractor. And our pocket design inside in the band keeps the technology from being seen.
  • How do I attach my type of glasses to the universal eyeglass attachment?
    One very important feature of our technology is the ability to use it with different styles, shapes, sizes and brands of eyewear. Check out our short instructional video and learn how.
  • What do I do if one of my retractors fail to work?
    At Behind™ we implement multiple quality control measures to ensure we make the best caps possible. Understanding retractors are mechanical devices, it is possible that on occasion one might fail to work properly. If you experience a failed retractor, simply contact us for our warranty replacement.
  • How do I remove or replace a retractor?
    One important feature of our patented technology is how easy it is to remove or replace a retractor. To do this, simply unfold the band of your cap or visor and locate the pocket where the retractor is held. Next, simply remove the retractor from the pocket and then carefully pull the universal eyeglass attachment through the grommet. To re-insert or replace your retractor just insert the eyeglass attachment back through the grommet and then tuck your retractor back in the pocket. It's that simple.
  • What do I do with my eyeglass attachment if I am not wearing my glasses.
    There may be times when you want to wear your Behind™ Headwear and not wear your glasses. Thanks to our pocket design if you don't want your eyeglass attachments to be seen, you can easily tuck them into the storage pocket. When inserted, your eyeglass attachments won't be seen.
  • What if my hat fly's off with my glasses on top?
    Great question. The first time we were asked this question, we decided to put it to the test. What we found is this; On a boat, If you are wearing a regular hat and your glasses are on top and they blow off into the water. When your hat hits the water, it floats and your glasses sink to the bottom. Bummer..... Now, if you are wearing our patented headwear and your glasses are attached to your retractable eyeglass holders when your hat blows off. Both your hat and glasses will float long enough for you to turn around and get them. We have tried this on both fresh and saltwater with 100% recovery.
  • How does Saltwater affect my Hat or Visor?
    Like any other cap or visor, If your hat does go into the saltwater you will want to rinse it with fresh water as soon as possible. Our retractors are designed to withstand the effects of salt water. We recommend however that you remove your retractors from the pocket and rinse them with fresh water. They are easy to take out and re-install.
  • How do I wash or clean my cap or visor?
    Either by hand, washing machine, or dishwasher. We prefer the top rack of the dishwasher. Just make sure to remove your retractors and place your cap or visor on the top rack of the dishwasher and use the gentle cycle. The same goes for the washing machine. When you are done washing, we suggest shaping your cap or visor and letting it dry. Once dry, just put your retractors back in.
  • Can I just add the retractors to my existing hat?
    No, unfortunately our design does not allow for retrofitting. Even though we designed it to look simple, the placement and function depend on a perfect design and installation.
  • Where can I find Behind™ Headwear products?
    See our list of retailers
  • Can I buy Behind™ Products in Quantity?
    Please contact us directly.
  • Do you provide custom embroidery?
    Please contact us directly.
  • How can I become a re-seller of Behind™ products?
    Please contact us directly.
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